Start your low carb journey at our next Low Carb Leeds meeting|Monday 8th April

At Low Carb Leeds we know how important it is to ‘find your tribe‘ and receive their support when making challenging lifestyle changes.

That’s why, at our April 8th Low Carb Leeds meeting, you will meet and hear from our inspiring members, many of whom have been on incredible journeys; losing weight, reversing their diabetes diagnoses and turning their declining health around by becoming carb aware. Plus…..
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I reversed my diabetes diagnosis just 4 months after joining Low Carb Leeds

I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic over fifteen years ago. Since then, it’s fair to say, my lifestyle has contributed to worsening HbA1C results and my being prescribed an increasing amount of diabetes medications.

At a diabetic review last year I received the shocking news that I was to be prescribed insulin as a way to control my escalating blood sugars, and that this was the last medication available to me.

After 15 years of ‘burying my head in the sand’ I had finally received the shock wake-up call I needed.  I declined the insulin and promised my practice nurse that I would change my ways!  I gave myself a good talking to and pledged to do something about it. But what?
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Welcome to the new Low Carb Leeds website and blog!

Join Low Carb Leeds as we blog about living a low-carb lifestyle and empower our community to regain their health by becoming carb aware.

In this blog we’ll be discussing lots of different low-carb related topics including getting started with becoming carb aware, following a low-carb lifestyle, what to eat, meal ideas, the latest low-carb news stories and events, plus sharing inspiring success stories from our members.
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Hero Recipe – Fat Head Pizza Dough

Is this the best low carb/keto recipe ever invented? At Low Carb Leeds we certainly think so!

Fat Head Pizza is legendary in the low carb world and this recipe has been tried and tested by many in our Low Carb Leeds community – comes top rated every time!

If you have adopted a low carb way of eating and are missing pizza (I know I did!) – this is the recipe for you! It is gluten and grain free, only just over 2g of carbs per slice and incredibly filling! Where before, I could polish off a whole regular wheat dough pizza, I can only manage 2 (occasionally 3) slices of this low carb version – meaning that there is always leftovers for the following day. Yay!
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Join us at Real Food Rocks Festival | 20 July 2019 | UK

Join Low Carb Leeds at the fantastic Real Food Rocks festival, Brathay Hall in Ambleside on Saturday July 20th for real food, real music and real fun!

Many local and British food producers and vendors will be there to share with you their passion for real food, including cheese and meat sellers, coffee and frozen yoghurt, low carb pizza and even welsh bone broth!

Speakers at the event include Dr Aseem Malhotra and Dr David Unwin who will talk about the benefits of a real food lifestyle. There will also be a fascinating and diverse range of workshops throughout the day from cooking demonstrations, yoga and mindfulness to pig keeping and cheesemaking! Plus lots of activities to keep the little ones entertained.
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Festival tickets are on sale now

Hero Recipe – Low Carb Wraps

Low Carb Wraps

Here at Low Carb Leeds we road test all our recipes before sharing to ensure that they are simple to follow and they taste great!

These low carb wraps are super quick and easy to make and, thanks to the addition of xantham gum, they roll and bend just like their wheat-flour equivalents. …..Read More

Let’s Start with Breakfast

At Low Carb Leeds we like to start by looking at what our members have for breakfast. If you can get your low carb brekkie sorted, chances are you’ll control your hunger and eat right for the remainder of the day.

Breakfast (break-fast) literally means the first meal taken after rising from sleep. Where once this was a warm cooked meal and we ‘went to work on an egg’, the great British breakfast has since been completely transformed by that American invention – cereal. Ready-to-eat breakfast cereal is the original fast food, but is it healthy? …….Read More