Celery or tuna fish? How to tell if you’re truly hungry…..

Do you know how many times you eat every day, including meals, snacks and calorie containing drinks? Two, three, five, ten, more…..?

All-day snacking is common for many of us. In fact, mainstream dietary advice has told us for years that we should “eat little and often to keep our blood sugar stable”. And, on the back of this advice the big food companies were delighted to introduce a vast range of ‘snack’ foods to satisfy our needs!

More recent evidence, however, points to constant grazing being not only unnecessary for human health but detrimental for our long-term wellness and a barrier to healthy ageing…….Read More

Getting the Measure of Low- Carb Eating – a Lifestyle not a ‘Fad’!

At Low Carb Leeds we support the local community in becoming carb aware and help people with making lower carbohydrate food choices to improve their health.

Eating low carb is certainly not a ‘fad’ diet, in fact it has been around for over 150 years! Long before the ‘Eatwell Plate’ based dietary guidelines, that advise us to fill a large proportion of our plates with starchy carbohydrates or so-called ‘whole grains’, it was known and proven that a low carbohydrate way of eating was successful for significant weight loss and health improvements.

And who do we have to thank for this legacy?
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Hero Recipe – Spiced Low Carb Lamb Skewers

This lamb skewer recipe is a favourite in my house, and with lamb coming into season shortly, it’s the perfect time to give this a go. Who knows, we may even get barbeque weather this Easter holidays so you can cook these outside!

I like to serve these skewers on a Greek salad with feta and olives together with a simple yoghurt and cucumber dip.
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Keep it Simple and Eat Real Food | Your Low-Carb Meal Guide

The beauty of a low carb way-of-eating is having the freedom to be flexible with meal timings to suit your schedule and appetite. For this reason, at Low Carb Leeds, we tend not to use the terms ‘lunch’ and ‘dinner’. Instead it makes more sense to talk about ‘meals’ as these can be eaten at any time of the day.

When starting out with low carb meal planning it’s best to keep it simple. There are just three components that should be included on your plate for a healthy low carb meal….
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I’ve dropped five inches from my waist and I’m now wearing those beautiful clothes I put to the back of the wardrobe years ago!

I’ve yo-yo dieted for years; one pound up, two pounds down, three pounds up! Nothing seemed to work for me to lose weight and keep it off.

After being diagnosed as pre-diabetic, I attended a blood draw for my cholesterol test. My GP was extremely concerned about my results and advised that I begin statins; my total cholesterol reading was 9.8mmol/L, my triglycerides were 7mmol/L and I had a HDL reading of 1.3mm/L.  I was shocked and stunned and I agreed to start taking statin medication immediately.
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