Fasting – what’s it all about?Next Low Carb Leeds Meet – 2nd September

‘Fasting’ seems to be the buzz word of late, but what is all the fuss about, and should we, at Low Carb Leeds, be doing it?

In fact, far from being a new concept, fasting is an ancient healthful tradition practiced by communities around the world for millennia. And yet, today’s mainstream view is that skipping breakfast and going without food for more than a few hours is somehow akin to ‘starvation’ and to be avoided.

How many of us have followed the standard dietary advice to eat ‘three (low-fat) meals a day with (low-calorie) snacks in-between’ to ‘keep our blood sugar stable’? But where did those ‘rules’ of eating come from, is there any actual science behind them, and how did the ancient art of therapeutic fasting become seen as ‘dangerous’?

Join us at our Low Carb Leeds September meeting on September 2nd. We’ll be talking all about fasting, including answering the key questions; what is it, what might the benefits be, who is it for, and how do we go about it? Plus we’ll be busting the outdated diet myths that have kept us all hungry and yet eating all day long! …..Read More

Naughtily Delicious Low-Carb Recipes on Test!

The Diabetes Weight-Loss Cookbook

Thank you to our wonderful Low Carb Leeds member Carol Bradley for writing this review of the newly released Diabetes Weight-Loss Cookbook, which describes itself as ‘A life-changing diet to prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes‘.

Carol has recently been cooking up a storm of delicious looking dishes from this cook book and regularly sharing photos and inspiration with us in the Low Carb Leeds facebook group – making our mouths water every time!

But, how good is this book, how easy were the recipes, and, most importantly, should we buy it? Here’s Carol’s honest review… Read More

It’s Movie Night – Next Low Carb Leeds Meeting, Monday 5th August

Join Low-Carb Leeds on Monday evening, 5th August, at 7pm for the next Low carb Leeds get together. This month we’re screening an inspirational and uplifting film that documents the power of eating real food and cutting the carbs!

In addition to this we’ll have be having the usual tea break and chat, this time sharing low-carb treats including pizza and chocolate fat bombs! …..Read More