“Let’s talk about your ‘bad’ cholesterol”…

How many of us have been summoned to the GP for a ‘chat’ about our cholesterol levels following a routine blood check and heard the words ‘bad cholesterol’? Or ‘good cholesterol’ for that matter? …Read More

Boost your Omega 3 fats with Glyn’s simple & tasty low-carb fish pie

Getting your Omega 3 fats

Are you getting your recommended 2 portions of fish each week?

Together with being a healthy source of lean protein, seafood and cold-water fish including salmon, mackerel, and herring are great sources of the omega 3 fats eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). EPA and DHA fats have been shown in studies to have many beneficial effects for our bodies including boosting brain power, supporting our immune system, reducing inflammation, and ensuring proper insulin signalling to keep blood glucose stable.

In this latest blog, Glyn shares with us his low-carb fish pie recipe which uses a mix of salmon, prawns and white fish, plus is packed with healthy veggies too! To speed up prep time, frozen fish and veggies work just as well in this recipe as fresh.

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Starch – the hidden sugar in our food (and why we should care)!

Starch is sugar too!

Join us at our next Low Carb Leeds monthly meeting, Monday 6th January, when we’ll be discussing starch, the hidden sugar lurking in our food, and how we all might benefit from becoming more carb aware in 2020.

Starch is sugar too!
How does each of these food affect blood glucose compared with 1 tsp of sugar? https://insulinresistance.org/index.php/jir/article/viewFile/8/11/69

Low Carb Leeds has moved to a new venue for 2020 – we now have a room at Trinity University in Horsforth. Why not come along and find out what we’re all about?

All information about this and future meetings can be found on eventbrite.
Places can be booked here: https://low-carb-leeds.eventbrite.co.uk Read More