Weight loss: Why calorie counting is flawed and hunger hormones will always win!

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The sad reality is that most people who go on a typical low-calorie weight-loss program either don’t lose much weight, or those that do end up regaining all that weight within 1 year (and often gaining more besides).

The $multi-billion diet industry has us believing that this failure to lose weight/ keep weight off is our fault. If only we ‘had more willpower’ we would succeed, right? So we keep going back, vowing to ‘try harder’ next time, trapped in a cycle of calorie counting, yo-yo dieting, failure and self-blame.

Why calorie counting is flawed

Anyone of us who has tried calorie-counting in order to lose weight knows how miserable an existence it is. Obsessing over calories-in vs. calories-out each day, whilst using all our willpower just to fight hunger. Not only is it miserable, but calorie counting is also pointless! Why? Well, let’s take this example: …Read More

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