More Carbs Anyone?

This is a poem written by Carolyn, one of our Low Carb Leeds members.

Hope you like it!

Since going to the meetings for Low Carb Leeds
We’ve learnt the health benefits of eating nuts & seeds
We have received so much information – quite a revelation!
With bread and potatoes now off the menu
It’s left us in a bit of a stew, having to re-think our meals anew
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Weight loss: Why calorie counting is flawed and hunger hormones will always win!

Next Low Carb Leeds Meeting: Monday 2nd March

The sad reality is that most people who go on a typical low-calorie weight-loss program either don’t lose much weight, or those that do end up regaining all that weight within 1 year (and often gaining more besides).

The $multi-billion diet industry has us believing that this failure to lose weight/ keep weight off is our fault. If only we ‘had more willpower’ we would succeed, right? So we keep going back, vowing to ‘try harder’ next time, trapped in a cycle of calorie counting, yo-yo dieting, failure and self-blame.

Why calorie counting is flawed

Anyone of us who has tried calorie-counting in order to lose weight knows how miserable an existence it is. Obsessing over calories-in vs. calories-out each day, whilst using all our willpower just to fight hunger. Not only is it miserable, but calorie counting is also pointless! Why? Well, let’s take this example: …Read More

“Let’s talk about your ‘bad’ cholesterol”…

How many of us have been summoned to the GP for a ‘chat’ about our cholesterol levels following a routine blood check and heard the words ‘bad cholesterol’? Or ‘good cholesterol’ for that matter? …Read More

Boost your Omega 3 fats with Glyn’s simple & tasty low-carb fish pie

Getting your Omega 3 fats

Are you getting your recommended 2 portions of fish each week?

Together with being a healthy source of lean protein, seafood and cold-water fish including salmon, mackerel, and herring are great sources of the omega 3 fats eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). EPA and DHA fats have been shown in studies to have many beneficial effects for our bodies including boosting brain power, supporting our immune system, reducing inflammation, and ensuring proper insulin signalling to keep blood glucose stable.

In this latest blog, Glyn shares with us his low-carb fish pie recipe which uses a mix of salmon, prawns and white fish, plus is packed with healthy veggies too! To speed up prep time, frozen fish and veggies work just as well in this recipe as fresh.

If you’re longing for some warming comfort food on these cold winter evenings, then this recipe is for you….Read More

Starch – the hidden sugar in our food (and why we should care)!

Starch is sugar too!

Join us at our next Low Carb Leeds monthly meeting, Monday 6th January, when we’ll be discussing starch, the hidden sugar lurking in our food, and how we all might benefit from becoming more carb aware in 2020.

Starch is sugar too!
How does each of these food affect blood glucose compared with 1 tsp of sugar?

Low Carb Leeds has moved to a new venue for 2020 – we now have a room at Trinity University in Horsforth. Why not come along and find out what we’re all about?

All information about this and future meetings can be found on eventbrite.
Places can be booked here: Read More

“The Wonder of Cholesterol” Next Low Carb Leeds Meeting – December 9th

The Wonder of Cholesterol

Join us at our next Low Carb Leeds meeting on Monday evening, December 9th for the hotly anticipated “Wonder of Cholesterol” talk by co-founder of Low Carb Leeds, Glyn Wainwright.

The critical importance of cholesterol to the healthy human body cannot be overstated. Without cholesterol the complex cells of the animal kingdom would never have evolved – we couldn’t exist!…….Read More

“Finding low-carb eating has been a miracle for me”

When Graham joined Low Carb Leeds at our very first meeting in October 2018 he had been living with Type 2 Diabetes for fifteen years. Believing, like most type 2 diabetics, that his condition was “progressive and degenerative” he accepted the increasing amounts of medications being prescribed to try to control his blood sugars – and held out little hope for health improvements ……Read More

Low Carb Curious? Join our next Low Carb Leeds meet – 7th October….

Are you curious about how a low carb way of eating could help you to reach your health goals? If so, our October 7th ‘Low Carb 101‘ meeting is for you!

Join your friendly low-carb community group in Leeds for an all-you-need-to-know introduction to low carb. Plus receive motivation and support on your low carb journey, and discover all the delicious foods that will be on your new low carb menu! …….Read More

How much sugar is in your ‘healthy’ breakfast….?

Could your mid-morning cravings and snack habit be caused by secret sugar hiding in your so-called ‘healthy’ breakfast’?

By Dr Neil Shaw

For many years I believed I was making a healthy choice by having a breakfast consisting of “high- quality” muesli (the one I preferred even had a Queen’s Award no less!).

Every morning I had a good bowl full of muesli, and although it wasn’t cheap, I considered this to be a worthwhile investment in my health.

I added a good dollop of an expensive low-fat, organic bio-culture yoghurt and a little skimmed or semi-skimmed milk.  For good measure, I would also take a well-known, expensive, orange juice drink, with or without “bits”.

Feeling exhausted and hungry half-way through the morning was a frequent occurrence and I would snack on some biscuits, a chocolate bar, or whatever came to hand! I attributed this to be simply the “way my metabolism worked”. Surely it could not possibly be the fault of the “wholesome” breakfast I had taken?

I now know this was, possibly, the worst way that I could start my day! Let me explain what I now know…….Read More

Fasting – what’s it all about?Next Low Carb Leeds Meet – 2nd September

‘Fasting’ seems to be the buzz word of late, but what is all the fuss about, and should we, at Low Carb Leeds, be doing it?

In fact, far from being a new concept, fasting is an ancient healthful tradition practiced by communities around the world for millennia. And yet, today’s mainstream view is that skipping breakfast and going without food for more than a few hours is somehow akin to ‘starvation’ and to be avoided.

How many of us have followed the standard dietary advice to eat ‘three (low-fat) meals a day with (low-calorie) snacks in-between’ to ‘keep our blood sugar stable’? But where did those ‘rules’ of eating come from, is there any actual science behind them, and how did the ancient art of therapeutic fasting become seen as ‘dangerous’?

Join us at our Low Carb Leeds September meeting on September 2nd. We’ll be talking all about fasting, including answering the key questions; what is it, what might the benefits be, who is it for, and how do we go about it? Plus we’ll be busting the outdated diet myths that have kept us all hungry and yet eating all day long! …..Read More

Naughtily Delicious Low-Carb Recipes on Test!

The Diabetes Weight-Loss Cookbook

Thank you to our wonderful Low Carb Leeds member Carol Bradley for writing this review of the newly released Diabetes Weight-Loss Cookbook, which describes itself as ‘A life-changing diet to prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes‘.

Carol has recently been cooking up a storm of delicious looking dishes from this cook book and regularly sharing photos and inspiration with us in the Low Carb Leeds facebook group – making our mouths water every time!

But, how good is this book, how easy were the recipes, and, most importantly, should we buy it? Here’s Carol’s honest review… Read More

It’s Movie Night – Next Low Carb Leeds Meeting, Monday 5th August

Join Low-Carb Leeds on Monday evening, 5th August, at 7pm for the next Low carb Leeds get together. This month we’re screening an inspirational and uplifting film that documents the power of eating real food and cutting the carbs!

In addition to this we’ll have be having the usual tea break and chat, this time sharing low-carb treats including pizza and chocolate fat bombs! …..Read More

Type 2 Diabetes Remission – A GP’s Low Carb Journey

Although a medical practitioner for some years (now retired), I’ve recently put my type 2 diabetes into remission and offer here my own journey and perspective as a patient.

A “Questioner” mindset

In common with numerous attendees of Low Carb Leeds, it would seem I am a “Questioner”, or at least have some of the traits or the personality profile of a person who questions the advice given by others, particularly in matters of health and personal wellbeing.

In September 2012 I was intrigued by the “5-2 Intermittent Fasting” Horizon programme presented by Dr Michael Mosley which piqued my interest in how lifestyle choices might impact health and wellbeing…   Read More

Glyn’s Favourite Heart-Healthy Low Carb Ratatouille Recipe!

Our European neighbours have been sharing their sizzling summer weather with us in the UK just recently, so here at Low Carb Leeds we’re sharing with you a taste of the Mediterranean with this delicious and quick ratatouille recipe.

Tomatoes, especially concentrated tomato puree and sauces are an excellent source of lycopene, an antioxidant from the carotenoid family, which has been shown in various studies to possess cardiovascular protective properties. And, since lycopene is a fat-soluble nutrient, the addition of butter in this recipe boosts its absorption by your body. …Read More

Secrets to long-term habit change – Next Low Carb Leeds meeting, June 3rd

Our daily lives are made up of habits – from what time we get up, what and when we eat, to what time we go to bed and many habits in between. In fact, 40% of our daily life is thought to be filled by the repetition of habits. So if we can successfully change our habits we can change our lives, right?

Most of us want to be healthy, so we often set goals to try and lead healthier lives such as eat better/less, exercise more, get more sleep, and be less stressed. Many of us even spend money to try to motivate ourselves to be healthier (unused gym membership or home exercise equipment gathering dust anyone?). But, even when it’s something we really want to do, changing to healthier habits and sustaining them over the long-term can be really hard for many of us! …..Read More

Good gut bugs – the inside story: Low Carb Leeds – next meeting Monday 13th May

How much do you know about the trillions of gut bugs that help keep you happy and healthy?

At our May 13th Low Carb Leeds meeting we’ll be delving into the mystery surrounding our gut bugs – the complex community comprised of trillions of microbes that live within us!

A balanced mix of gut bugs is thought to protect us from infection and strengthen our immune system, regulate blood sugar, and support our mental functioning. Did you know that our gut is classed as our ‘second brain’ and that healthy gut bacteria produce serotonin which acts as the body’s natural antidepressant?

We’ll also talk about how to keep our gut bugs happy and healthy with probiotic and prebiotic foods. Plus we’ll show you which foods to include in your low carb lifestyle to boost your friendly bugs and which ones are best avoided.
…..Read More

Hero Recipe – The Fool-Proof Omelette + how-to video

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs…

Here at Low Carb Leeds we are huge fans of the humble egg. Superbly nutritious and versatile, the egg can be boiled, scrambled, poached or fried to make a perfect, no-fuss low carb meal or snack in minutes.

With the addition of just a few basic store cupboard ingredients you can also knock up a great tasting omelette, which can be eaten hot immediately or stored, wrapped and taken with you for an on-the-go breakfast or lunch.

If you’ve never made an omelette before it might appear tricky to master. Or perhaps you’ve tried already but the results didn’t turn out ‘eggs-actly’ as intended! Certainly my first omelette attempts tended to remain solidly in the pan!

As with most things – it’s easier when you know how……Read More

Celery or tuna fish? How to tell if you’re truly hungry…..

Do you know how many times you eat every day, including meals, snacks and calorie containing drinks? Two, three, five, ten, more…..?

All-day snacking is common for many of us. In fact, mainstream dietary advice has told us for years that we should “eat little and often to keep our blood sugar stable”. And, on the back of this advice the big food companies were delighted to introduce a vast range of ‘snack’ foods to satisfy our needs!

More recent evidence, however, points to constant grazing being not only unnecessary for human health but detrimental for our long-term wellness and a barrier to healthy ageing…….Read More

Getting the Measure of Low- Carb Eating – a Lifestyle not a ‘Fad’!

At Low Carb Leeds we support the local community in becoming carb aware and help people with making lower carbohydrate food choices to improve their health.

Eating low carb is certainly not a ‘fad’ diet, in fact it has been around for over 150 years! Long before the ‘Eatwell Plate’ based dietary guidelines, that advise us to fill a large proportion of our plates with starchy carbohydrates or so-called ‘whole grains’, it was known and proven that a low carbohydrate way of eating was successful for significant weight loss and health improvements.

And who do we have to thank for this legacy?
…..Read More

Hero Recipe – Spiced Low Carb Lamb Skewers

This lamb skewer recipe is a favourite in my house, and with lamb coming into season shortly, it’s the perfect time to give this a go. Who knows, we may even get barbeque weather this Easter holidays so you can cook these outside!

I like to serve these skewers on a Greek salad with feta and olives together with a simple yoghurt and cucumber dip.
…..Read More

Keep it Simple and Eat Real Food | Your Low-Carb Meal Guide

The beauty of a low carb way-of-eating is having the freedom to be flexible with meal timings to suit your schedule and appetite. For this reason, at Low Carb Leeds, we tend not to use the terms ‘lunch’ and ‘dinner’. Instead it makes more sense to talk about ‘meals’ as these can be eaten at any time of the day.

When starting out with low carb meal planning it’s best to keep it simple. There are just three components that should be included on your plate for a healthy low carb meal….
……Read More

I’ve dropped five inches from my waist and I’m now wearing those beautiful clothes I put to the back of the wardrobe years ago!

I’ve yo-yo dieted for years; one pound up, two pounds down, three pounds up! Nothing seemed to work for me to lose weight and keep it off.

After being diagnosed as pre-diabetic, I attended a blood draw for my cholesterol test. My GP was extremely concerned about my results and advised that I begin statins; my total cholesterol reading was 9.8mmol/L, my triglycerides were 7mmol/L and I had a HDL reading of 1.3mm/L.  I was shocked and stunned and I agreed to start taking statin medication immediately.
…..Read More

Start your low carb journey at our next Low Carb Leeds meeting|Monday 8th April

At Low Carb Leeds we know how important it is to ‘find your tribe‘ and receive their support when making challenging lifestyle changes.

That’s why, at our April 8th Low Carb Leeds meeting, you will meet and hear from our inspiring members, many of whom have been on incredible journeys; losing weight, reversing their diabetes diagnoses and turning their declining health around by becoming carb aware. Plus…..
…..Read More

I reversed my diabetes diagnosis just 4 months after joining Low Carb Leeds

I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic over fifteen years ago. Since then, it’s fair to say, my lifestyle has contributed to worsening HbA1C results and my being prescribed an increasing amount of diabetes medications.

At a diabetic review last year I received the shocking news that I was to be prescribed insulin as a way to control my escalating blood sugars, and that this was the last medication available to me.

After 15 years of ‘burying my head in the sand’ I had finally received the shock wake-up call I needed.  I declined the insulin and promised my practice nurse that I would change my ways!  I gave myself a good talking to and pledged to do something about it. But what?
….Read More

Welcome to the new Low Carb Leeds website and blog!

Join Low Carb Leeds as we blog about living a low-carb lifestyle and empower our community to regain their health by becoming carb aware.

In this blog we’ll be discussing lots of different low-carb related topics including getting started with becoming carb aware, following a low-carb lifestyle, what to eat, meal ideas, the latest low-carb news stories and events, plus sharing inspiring success stories from our members.
…..Read More

Hero Recipe – Fat Head Pizza Dough

Is this the best low carb/keto recipe ever invented? At Low Carb Leeds we certainly think so!

Fat Head Pizza is legendary in the low carb world and this recipe has been tried and tested by many in our Low Carb Leeds community – comes top rated every time!

If you have adopted a low carb way of eating and are missing pizza (I know I did!) – this is the recipe for you! It is gluten and grain free, only just over 2g of carbs per slice and incredibly filling! Where before, I could polish off a whole regular wheat dough pizza, I can only manage 2 (occasionally 3) slices of this low carb version – meaning that there is always leftovers for the following day. Yay!
…..Read More

Join us at Real Food Rocks Festival | 20 July 2019 | UK

Join Low Carb Leeds at the fantastic Real Food Rocks festival, Brathay Hall in Ambleside on Saturday July 20th for real food, real music and real fun!

Many local and British food producers and vendors will be there to share with you their passion for real food, including cheese and meat sellers, coffee and frozen yoghurt, low carb pizza and even welsh bone broth!

Speakers at the event include Dr Aseem Malhotra and Dr David Unwin who will talk about the benefits of a real food lifestyle. There will also be a fascinating and diverse range of workshops throughout the day from cooking demonstrations, yoga and mindfulness to pig keeping and cheesemaking! Plus lots of activities to keep the little ones entertained.
……Read More

Festival tickets are on sale now

Hero Recipe – Low Carb Wraps

Low Carb Wraps

Here at Low Carb Leeds we road test all our recipes before sharing to ensure that they are simple to follow and they taste great!

These low carb wraps are super quick and easy to make and, thanks to the addition of xantham gum, they roll and bend just like their wheat-flour equivalents. …..Read More

Let’s Start with Breakfast

At Low Carb Leeds we like to start by looking at what our members have for breakfast. If you can get your low carb brekkie sorted, chances are you’ll control your hunger and eat right for the remainder of the day.

Breakfast (break-fast) literally means the first meal taken after rising from sleep. Where once this was a warm cooked meal and we ‘went to work on an egg’, the great British breakfast has since been completely transformed by that American invention – cereal. Ready-to-eat breakfast cereal is the original fast food, but is it healthy? …….Read More

5 Ways to Love Cauli!

The humble cauliflower is having a moment…..

Hero veg of the Low Carb Leeds community, the good old cauliflower is popping up on the menus of discerning restaurants up and down the country. Supercharged with vitamins and minerals and with less than 3g of carbs per 100g, cauliflower provides a perfect alternative to many starchy foodstuffs such as potatoes and rice.

Apparently, M&S sales of cauliflowers have increased by 44 percent in the past seven years, and its Yorkshire customers are the biggest cauliflower fans!

If you have disturbing memories of soggy, grey, over-boiled cauli (sorry Nan!), read on for recipes and inspiration that will have you falling in love with this best of British brassica!
…..Read More