“The Wonder of Cholesterol” Next Low Carb Leeds Meeting – December 9th

The Wonder of Cholesterol

Join us at our next Low Carb Leeds meeting on Monday evening, December 9th for the hotly anticipated “Wonder of Cholesterol” talk by co-founder of Low Carb Leeds, Glyn Wainwright.

The critical importance of cholesterol to the healthy human body cannot be overstated. Without cholesterol the complex cells of the animal kingdom would never have evolved – we couldn’t exist!…….Read More

Join us at Real Food Rocks Festival | 20 July 2019 | UK

Join Low Carb Leeds at the fantastic Real Food Rocks festival, Brathay Hall in Ambleside on Saturday July 20th for real food, real music and real fun!

Many local and British food producers and vendors will be there to share with you their passion for real food, including cheese and meat sellers, coffee and frozen yoghurt, low carb pizza and even welsh bone broth!

Speakers at the event include Dr Aseem Malhotra and Dr David Unwin who will talk about the benefits of a real food lifestyle. There will also be a fascinating and diverse range of workshops throughout the day from cooking demonstrations, yoga and mindfulness to pig keeping and cheesemaking! Plus lots of activities to keep the little ones entertained.
……Read More

Festival tickets are on sale now