More Carbs Anyone?

This is a poem written by Carolyn, one of our Low Carb Leeds members.

Hope you like it!

Since going to the meetings for Low Carb Leeds
We’ve learnt the health benefits of eating nuts & seeds
We have received so much information – quite a revelation!
With bread and potatoes now off the menu
It’s left us in a bit of a stew, having to re-think our meals anew
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“Finding low-carb eating has been a miracle for me”

When Graham joined Low Carb Leeds at our very first meeting in October 2018 he had been living with Type 2 Diabetes for fifteen years. Believing, like most type 2 diabetics, that his condition was “progressive and degenerative” he accepted the increasing amounts of medications being prescribed to try to control his blood sugars – and held out little hope for health improvements ……Read More

How much sugar is in your ‘healthy’ breakfast….?

Could your mid-morning cravings and snack habit be caused by secret sugar hiding in your so-called ‘healthy’ breakfast’?

By Dr Neil Shaw

For many years I believed I was making a healthy choice by having a breakfast consisting of “high- quality” muesli (the one I preferred even had a Queen’s Award no less!).

Every morning I had a good bowl full of muesli, and although it wasn’t cheap, I considered this to be a worthwhile investment in my health.

I added a good dollop of an expensive low-fat, organic bio-culture yoghurt and a little skimmed or semi-skimmed milk.  For good measure, I would also take a well-known, expensive, orange juice drink, with or without “bits”.

Feeling exhausted and hungry half-way through the morning was a frequent occurrence and I would snack on some biscuits, a chocolate bar, or whatever came to hand! I attributed this to be simply the “way my metabolism worked”. Surely it could not possibly be the fault of the “wholesome” breakfast I had taken?

I now know this was, possibly, the worst way that I could start my day! Let me explain what I now know…….Read More

Naughtily Delicious Low-Carb Recipes on Test!

The Diabetes Weight-Loss Cookbook

Thank you to our wonderful Low Carb Leeds member Carol Bradley for writing this review of the newly released Diabetes Weight-Loss Cookbook, which describes itself as ‘A life-changing diet to prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes‘.

Carol has recently been cooking up a storm of delicious looking dishes from this cook book and regularly sharing photos and inspiration with us in the Low Carb Leeds facebook group – making our mouths water every time!

But, how good is this book, how easy were the recipes, and, most importantly, should we buy it? Here’s Carol’s honest review… Read More

Type 2 Diabetes Remission – A GP’s Low Carb Journey

Although a medical practitioner for some years (now retired), I’ve recently put my type 2 diabetes into remission and offer here my own journey and perspective as a patient.

A “Questioner” mindset

In common with numerous attendees of Low Carb Leeds, it would seem I am a “Questioner”, or at least have some of the traits or the personality profile of a person who questions the advice given by others, particularly in matters of health and personal wellbeing.

In September 2012 I was intrigued by the “5-2 Intermittent Fasting” Horizon programme presented by Dr Michael Mosley which piqued my interest in how lifestyle choices might impact health and wellbeing…   Read More

I’ve dropped five inches from my waist and I’m now wearing those beautiful clothes I put to the back of the wardrobe years ago!

I’ve yo-yo dieted for years; one pound up, two pounds down, three pounds up! Nothing seemed to work for me to lose weight and keep it off.

After being diagnosed as pre-diabetic, I attended a blood draw for my cholesterol test. My GP was extremely concerned about my results and advised that I begin statins; my total cholesterol reading was 9.8mmol/L, my triglycerides were 7mmol/L and I had a HDL reading of 1.3mm/L.  I was shocked and stunned and I agreed to start taking statin medication immediately.
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I reversed my diabetes diagnosis just 4 months after joining Low Carb Leeds

I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic over fifteen years ago. Since then, it’s fair to say, my lifestyle has contributed to worsening HbA1C results and my being prescribed an increasing amount of diabetes medications.

At a diabetic review last year I received the shocking news that I was to be prescribed insulin as a way to control my escalating blood sugars, and that this was the last medication available to me.

After 15 years of ‘burying my head in the sand’ I had finally received the shock wake-up call I needed.  I declined the insulin and promised my practice nurse that I would change my ways!  I gave myself a good talking to and pledged to do something about it. But what?
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