Weight loss: Why calorie counting is flawed and hunger hormones will always win!

Next Low Carb Leeds Meeting: Monday 2nd March

The sad reality is that most people who go on a typical low-calorie weight-loss program either don’t lose much weight, or those that do end up regaining all that weight within 1 year (and often gaining more besides).

The $multi-billion diet industry has us believing that this failure to lose weight/ keep weight off is our fault. If only we ‘had more willpower’ we would succeed, right? So we keep going back, vowing to ‘try harder’ next time, trapped in a cycle of calorie counting, yo-yo dieting, failure and self-blame.

Why calorie counting is flawed

Anyone of us who has tried calorie-counting in order to lose weight knows how miserable an existence it is. Obsessing over calories-in vs. calories-out each day, whilst using all our willpower just to fight hunger. Not only is it miserable, but calorie counting is also pointless! Why? Well, let’s take this example: …Read More

“Let’s talk about your ‘bad’ cholesterol”…

How many of us have been summoned to the GP for a ‘chat’ about our cholesterol levels following a routine blood check and heard the words ‘bad cholesterol’? Or ‘good cholesterol’ for that matter? …Read More

Starch – the hidden sugar in our food (and why we should care)!

Starch is sugar too!

Join us at our next Low Carb Leeds monthly meeting, Monday 6th January, when we’ll be discussing starch, the hidden sugar lurking in our food, and how we all might benefit from becoming more carb aware in 2020.

Starch is sugar too!
How does each of these food affect blood glucose compared with 1 tsp of sugar? https://insulinresistance.org/index.php/jir/article/viewFile/8/11/69

Low Carb Leeds has moved to a new venue for 2020 – we now have a room at Trinity University in Horsforth. Why not come along and find out what we’re all about?

All information about this and future meetings can be found on eventbrite.
Places can be booked here: https://low-carb-leeds.eventbrite.co.uk Read More

“The Wonder of Cholesterol” Next Low Carb Leeds Meeting – December 9th

The Wonder of Cholesterol

Join us at our next Low Carb Leeds meeting on Monday evening, December 9th for the hotly anticipated “Wonder of Cholesterol” talk by co-founder of Low Carb Leeds, Glyn Wainwright.

The critical importance of cholesterol to the healthy human body cannot be overstated. Without cholesterol the complex cells of the animal kingdom would never have evolved – we couldn’t exist!…….Read More

Low Carb Curious? Join our next Low Carb Leeds meet – 7th October….

Are you curious about how a low carb way of eating could help you to reach your health goals? If so, our October 7th ‘Low Carb 101‘ meeting is for you!

Join your friendly low-carb community group in Leeds for an all-you-need-to-know introduction to low carb. Plus receive motivation and support on your low carb journey, and discover all the delicious foods that will be on your new low carb menu! …….Read More

Fasting – what’s it all about?Next Low Carb Leeds Meet – 2nd September

‘Fasting’ seems to be the buzz word of late, but what is all the fuss about, and should we, at Low Carb Leeds, be doing it?

In fact, far from being a new concept, fasting is an ancient healthful tradition practiced by communities around the world for millennia. And yet, today’s mainstream view is that skipping breakfast and going without food for more than a few hours is somehow akin to ‘starvation’ and to be avoided.

How many of us have followed the standard dietary advice to eat ‘three (low-fat) meals a day with (low-calorie) snacks in-between’ to ‘keep our blood sugar stable’? But where did those ‘rules’ of eating come from, is there any actual science behind them, and how did the ancient art of therapeutic fasting become seen as ‘dangerous’?

Join us at our Low Carb Leeds September meeting on September 2nd. We’ll be talking all about fasting, including answering the key questions; what is it, what might the benefits be, who is it for, and how do we go about it? Plus we’ll be busting the outdated diet myths that have kept us all hungry and yet eating all day long! …..Read More

It’s Movie Night – Next Low Carb Leeds Meeting, Monday 5th August

Join Low-Carb Leeds on Monday evening, 5th August, at 7pm for the next Low carb Leeds get together. This month we’re screening an inspirational and uplifting film that documents the power of eating real food and cutting the carbs!

In addition to this we’ll have be having the usual tea break and chat, this time sharing low-carb treats including pizza and chocolate fat bombs! …..Read More

Secrets to long-term habit change – Next Low Carb Leeds meeting, June 3rd

Our daily lives are made up of habits – from what time we get up, what and when we eat, to what time we go to bed and many habits in between. In fact, 40% of our daily life is thought to be filled by the repetition of habits. So if we can successfully change our habits we can change our lives, right?

Most of us want to be healthy, so we often set goals to try and lead healthier lives such as eat better/less, exercise more, get more sleep, and be less stressed. Many of us even spend money to try to motivate ourselves to be healthier (unused gym membership or home exercise equipment gathering dust anyone?). But, even when it’s something we really want to do, changing to healthier habits and sustaining them over the long-term can be really hard for many of us! …..Read More

Good gut bugs – the inside story: Low Carb Leeds – next meeting Monday 13th May

How much do you know about the trillions of gut bugs that help keep you happy and healthy?

At our May 13th Low Carb Leeds meeting we’ll be delving into the mystery surrounding our gut bugs – the complex community comprised of trillions of microbes that live within us!

A balanced mix of gut bugs is thought to protect us from infection and strengthen our immune system, regulate blood sugar, and support our mental functioning. Did you know that our gut is classed as our ‘second brain’ and that healthy gut bacteria produce serotonin which acts as the body’s natural antidepressant?

We’ll also talk about how to keep our gut bugs happy and healthy with probiotic and prebiotic foods. Plus we’ll show you which foods to include in your low carb lifestyle to boost your friendly bugs and which ones are best avoided.
…..Read More

Start your low carb journey at our next Low Carb Leeds meeting|Monday 8th April

At Low Carb Leeds we know how important it is to ‘find your tribe‘ and receive their support when making challenging lifestyle changes.

That’s why, at our April 8th Low Carb Leeds meeting, you will meet and hear from our inspiring members, many of whom have been on incredible journeys; losing weight, reversing their diabetes diagnoses and turning their declining health around by becoming carb aware. Plus…..
…..Read More