Boost your Omega 3 fats with Glyn’s simple & tasty low-carb fish pie

Getting your Omega 3 fats

Are you getting your recommended 2 portions of fish each week?

Together with being a healthy source of lean protein, seafood and cold-water fish including salmon, mackerel, and herring are great sources of the omega 3 fats eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). EPA and DHA fats have been shown in studies to have many beneficial effects for our bodies including boosting brain power, supporting our immune system, reducing inflammation, and ensuring proper insulin signalling to keep blood glucose stable.

In this latest blog, Glyn shares with us his low-carb fish pie recipe which uses a mix of salmon, prawns and white fish, plus is packed with healthy veggies too! To speed up prep time, frozen fish and veggies work just as well in this recipe as fresh.

If you’re longing for some warming comfort food on these cold winter evenings, then this recipe is for you….Read More

Glyn’s Favourite Heart-Healthy Low Carb Ratatouille Recipe!

Our European neighbours have been sharing their sizzling summer weather with us in the UK just recently, so here at Low Carb Leeds we’re sharing with you a taste of the Mediterranean with this delicious and quick ratatouille recipe.

Tomatoes, especially concentrated tomato puree and sauces are an excellent source of lycopene, an antioxidant from the carotenoid family, which has been shown in various studies to possess cardiovascular protective properties. And, since lycopene is a fat-soluble nutrient, the addition of butter in this recipe boosts its absorption by your body. …Read More

Hero Recipe – The Fool-Proof Omelette + how-to video

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs…

Here at Low Carb Leeds we are huge fans of the humble egg. Superbly nutritious and versatile, the egg can be boiled, scrambled, poached or fried to make a perfect, no-fuss low carb meal or snack in minutes.

With the addition of just a few basic store cupboard ingredients you can also knock up a great tasting omelette, which can be eaten hot immediately or stored, wrapped and taken with you for an on-the-go breakfast or lunch.

If you’ve never made an omelette before it might appear tricky to master. Or perhaps you’ve tried already but the results didn’t turn out ‘eggs-actly’ as intended! Certainly my first omelette attempts tended to remain solidly in the pan!

As with most things – it’s easier when you know how……Read More

Hero Recipe – Spiced Low Carb Lamb Skewers

This lamb skewer recipe is a favourite in my house, and with lamb coming into season shortly, it’s the perfect time to give this a go. Who knows, we may even get barbeque weather this Easter holidays so you can cook these outside!

I like to serve these skewers on a Greek salad with feta and olives together with a simple yoghurt and cucumber dip.
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Hero Recipe – Fat Head Pizza Dough

Is this the best low carb/keto recipe ever invented? At Low Carb Leeds we certainly think so!

Fat Head Pizza is legendary in the low carb world and this recipe has been tried and tested by many in our Low Carb Leeds community – comes top rated every time!

If you have adopted a low carb way of eating and are missing pizza (I know I did!) – this is the recipe for you! It is gluten and grain free, only just over 2g of carbs per slice and incredibly filling! Where before, I could polish off a whole regular wheat dough pizza, I can only manage 2 (occasionally 3) slices of this low carb version – meaning that there is always leftovers for the following day. Yay!
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Hero Recipe – Low Carb Wraps

Low Carb Wraps

Here at Low Carb Leeds we road test all our recipes before sharing to ensure that they are simple to follow and they taste great!

These low carb wraps are super quick and easy to make and, thanks to the addition of xantham gum, they roll and bend just like their wheat-flour equivalents. …..Read More

5 Ways to Love Cauli!

The humble cauliflower is having a moment…..

Hero veg of the Low Carb Leeds community, the good old cauliflower is popping up on the menus of discerning restaurants up and down the country. Supercharged with vitamins and minerals and with less than 3g of carbs per 100g, cauliflower provides a perfect alternative to many starchy foodstuffs such as potatoes and rice.

Apparently, M&S sales of cauliflowers have increased by 44 percent in the past seven years, and its Yorkshire customers are the biggest cauliflower fans!

If you have disturbing memories of soggy, grey, over-boiled cauli (sorry Nan!), read on for recipes and inspiration that will have you falling in love with this best of British brassica!
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